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3 Build vs. Buy Questions for CX Leaders

Jan 19, 2022

How to deliver Customer Engagement Automation

Many Customer Experience leaders are grappling with how to deliver a better CX through new technologies. Customer Engagement Automation is among the most in-demand of those because it automates engagements with customers without sacrificing CX. It does this through AI-powered digital assistants, such as a Pypestream conversational GUI.

An early and fundamental choice is whether to build or buy the Customer Engagement Automation solution. This decision shouldn’t be taken lightly, as new-tech development projects are infamously tricky. Customer Engagement Automation is all the more so because it uses AI and other cutting-edge tech to automate customer journeys. Therefore, success requires savvy use-case selection, journey mapping and other related areas of domain expertise, on top of the required tech sophistication with NLU (Natural Language Understanding), API integration into backend systems and more.

A new Pypestream white paper poses three questions that will illuminate the build vs. buy decision. CX leaders should ask the following.

  1. Do we have a strong understanding of customer engagement needs?
  2. Do we have the right resources and expertise to do this ourselves?
  3. Are we willing to wait?

The white paper delves into each question, providing context on how to answer it and evaluate its implications.

Click here to get the 3 Build vs. Buy Questions white paper.