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Delivering Happy Policyholders

Seamlessly integrate with leading insurance platforms, enhancing workflow efficiency and customer experience

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Claims Administration

Discover improved customer interactions, quicker claims processing, and adherence to industry standards. Our seamless integration with your existing systems ensures operational efficiency. Real-time analytics further enhance your satisfaction by providing valuable insights throughout the policy administration process.

Thousands of happy moments, delivered.

Our ‘starter’ Microapps are woven into your current workflow focused on revenue and resolution in your digital channels. Here are some examples of our extensive library of happy policyholder moments:

Claims Administration

  • File Claim
  • Claim Status Lookup
  • Request EOB

Policy Administration

  • Account Sign Up
  • Policy Lookup
  • Request COI

Underwriting and Sales

  • Create Quote
  • Bind Policy
  • Upload Policy Documents

The Pypestream Difference

'How can I help you today?' chat bubbleMulti channel solution, including instagram, teams, whatsapp, messages and messenger'I need to pay my bill' chat bubble
Self-Service Customer Experience
Reduce costs and agent burden by helping customers find answers on their own. Drive proactive and personalized support from an AI-powered self-service portal completely integrated into your backend systems.
Omni-Channel Conversational AI & Chatbots
Streamline support and delight with faster issue resolution. Our AI-powered platform ensures your customers get the assistance they need, when they need it, leading to improved loyalty and customer happiness.
Unlock the Full Value of Your Investments
Pypestream elevates and digitizes, with high adoption rates, customer interactions providing material ROI on previous investments on digital transformations.
Exceptional Security and Compliance
With state-of-the-art encryption, we ensure your data remains secure both in transit and at rest. Rest easy knowing we adhere to stringent industry standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2, providing you with a trusted platform for you and your customer data.

The Happiness Platform

Pypestream, explained.

Empowering  self-service

Start with one business process or thread together several workflows to meet your needs across the customer lifecycle.

A library of configurable experiences

Our Microapps are woven into your current workflow focused on revenue and resolution in your digital channels.

Delivering unique customer journeys

Threaded into solutions without disrupting current tech stack and substantially reducing the need for live agent escalation.

Customer Success Stories

Our Solution:
Conversational AI & Chatbots
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

IVR deflection & Agent escalation
Language translations
Interactive UI embed

Driving efficiency with omni-channel support.

Company Nurse, a nurse triage service for injuries, collaborated with
Pypestream to digitally transform their injury reporting process. Phone
based reporting took an average of 15-20 minutes. Company Nurse
introduced Lin, a bi-lingual digital assistant, to allow employees to
continue to report incidents immediately after they occurred, but this time
using the method they were most comfortable with: phone, Lin or
scheduling a call back.

Digital assistant sessions:
Reduction in injury reporting time:
Avg. CSAT with Pypestream:
Our Solution:
Digital Transformation
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Account management

Claims submissions

Appointment scheduling

Transforming the insurance claims process.

Triwest Corporation, an insurance provider for US Military veterans, was
looking to digitally transform their customer experience, due to a
government mandate, while maintaining their outstanding service.
TriWest partnered with Pypestream to develop a new digital assistant to
reduce help desk inquiries by phone.The tool supports staff, policyholder
and providers with claims, billing and appointment management.

Fully automated sessions:
Sessions via Pypestream per quarter:
Avg. CSAT with Pypestream
Our Solution:
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Our Solution:
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Our Solution:
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Our Solution:
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Our Solution:
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

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