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The Pypestream


Pypestream delivers a seamless, app-like experience with the convenience of a self-service conversation that drives adoption and delights customers.

Experience the Future
Experience the Future of Customer Engagement with Pypestream
At Pypestream, we are redefining customer engagement.

Bridge the gap between convenience and sophistication, with a seamless, app-like experience with the simplicity of a chatbot. Our intuitive and engaging approach is shaping the future of customer communication.

The Happiness Platform

Pypestream, explained.

Empowering  self-service

Start with one business process or thread together several workflows to meet your needs across the customer lifecycle.

A library of configurable experiences

Our Microapps are woven into your current workflow focused on revenue and resolution in your digital channels.

Delivering unique customer journeys

Threaded into solutions without disrupting current tech stack and substantially reducing the need for live agent escalation.

How it


Phase 0-FastStart
Rapid Onboarding

The Pypestream FASTSTART™ phased onboarding approach will enable you to dramatically improve client engagements in 2 weeks, through strategy development, solution design and build implementation and continuous improvement.

Phase 1-Scope
Strategy Development Workshop

An interactive workshop led by your expert customer experience team, PypeX, that will guide you and your team through developing an actionable plan.

Phase 2-Create
Solution Build & Design

The PypeX team will build a fully optimized solution that enhances your customer journey and captures your crucial customer moments.

AI Design
Technical Integrations
NLU & AI Training
Testing & Collaboration
Phase 3-Deploy

The PypeX Team will have your first, on-brand self-service solution deployed and live in 8-16 weeks.

Phase 4-Analyze & Refine
Customer Success

Your dedicated PypeX team member will provide on-going support, implement upgrades and recommend advancements to your solution.


Pype team

At Pypestream, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Our dedicated CX team is at the forefront of this commitment, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise.

Previous companies include: EY, Accenture, IBM, Nuance Communications, Amazon, Google, Deloitte

Global deployments
Overall industry experience
Integrations built & Implemented
Experts in:
+ Linguistics

+ Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

+ Generative AI

+ Automation

+ Conversational Design

+ Design Thinking


Customer Success Stories

Our Solution:
Conversational AI & Chatbots
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

IVR deflection & Agent escalation
Language translations
Interactive UI embed

Driving efficiency with omni-channel support.

Company Nurse, a nurse triage service for injuries, collaborated with
Pypestream to digitally transform their injury reporting process. Phone
based reporting took an average of 15-20 minutes. Company Nurse
introduced Lin, a bi-lingual digital assistant, to allow employees to
continue to report incidents immediately after they occurred, but this time
using the method they were most comfortable with: phone, Lin or
scheduling a call back.

Digital assistant sessions:
Reduction in injury reporting time:
Avg. CSAT with Pypestream:
Retail and eCommerce
Our Solution:
Fully automated product recommendation
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Subscription Management

Place Order

Product Recommendations

Increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and reduced costs

Facing competition from tech-savvy startups such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry's, a leading razor manufacturer introduced an online direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription service. Realizing that this step alone wasn't sufficient to maintain their market position, they aimed to enhance their customer engagement beyond traditional methods, which led to a partnership with Pypestream.

Increase in purchases
Increase in subscriptions
Email requests managed via Pypestream
Quick Service Restaurants
Our Solution:
End-to-end rapid issue resolution
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Support Ticket Management

Order Issue Resolution


Resolving customer issues without escalation

A global quick service restaurant company that owns some of the largest fast food brands in the world came to Pypestream in 2021 wanting to enhance the way they connected with customers. They needed a solution that would seamlessly balance customer inquiries and complaints while reducing the costs. This conglomerate was intent on setting their quick service restaurants apart from competitors.

ROI in less than a year
Improvement in CSAT score over live agent
Saved per ticket handled in the solution
Travel and Hospitality
Our Solution:
Digital Transformation
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Booking and payments
Omni-channel support
GenAI and NLU

Digital support for travelers anytime, anywhere.

Gulf Air, an airline serving the Middle East, sought out Pypestream to provide a digital experience for its travelers that continued the company’s history of innovation and differentiation. Pypestream’s solution for Gulf Air provides an omni-channel experience that increases call deflection, drives higher customer satisfaction, and facilitates customer transactions automatically.

Automation containment rate
% of revenue generated via Pypestream:
Avg. CSAT with Pypestream
Our Solution:
Digital Transformation
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Account management

Claims submissions

Appointment scheduling

Transforming the insurance claims process.

Triwest Corporation, an insurance provider for US Military veterans, was
looking to digitally transform their customer experience, due to a
government mandate, while maintaining their outstanding service.
TriWest partnered with Pypestream to develop a new digital assistant to
reduce help desk inquiries by phone.The tool supports staff, policyholder
and providers with claims, billing and appointment management.

Fully automated sessions:
Sessions via Pypestream per quarter:
Avg. CSAT with Pypestream
Telecommunications and Streaming
Our Solution:
Self-Service Automation
Top 3 Use Cases deployed:

Account management


Product recommendation

Turning a cost center into a revenue center.

LoopTV, a B2B streaming service, partnered with Pypestream to deliver a self-service automation platform for their customers. As business needs evolved, the Loop Team continued to collaborate with Pypestream to turn their support chatbot into a way to drive existing user growth and retention. Now this sophisticated and connected solution delivers both customer support and revenue.

Automation containment rate
New device sales via Pypestream
Avg. CSAT with Pypestream

Be the Catalyst of Customer Happiness

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