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Client Testimonials

“The most important feature of the Related Digital Assistant is apartment search, followed by neighborhood finder. These prove that Pypestream is a partner who understands our business and our goals.”

Tina Valencerina
Portfolio Director
Related Rentals
Tina Valencerina
Portfolio Director

“Pypestream helps us fulfill our customer needs in a way that’s efficient, effective and still feels friendly.”

McKenzie Holmes

Director of Marketing & Customer Experience


McKenzie Holmes
Director of Marketing & CX

“We serve over one million phone calls a month. The ability to automate that and make it self-service so that the person can do it whenever it works for them, and not when it works for you, is a pretty remarkable concept.”

David McIntyre

President & CEO

TriWest Healthcare Alliance

David McIntyre
Chief Business Officer

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AI meets Empathy: The Human-centric approach to Insurance Intake

This insightful session explored the delicate balance of implementing digital assistants while ensuring the human element remains central in the insurance intake process. Our panel of experts from both Company Nurse and Pypestream unveiled how AI can be harnessed to streamline and enhance the intake process without sacrificing the personal touch that clients value. The webinar covered successful strategies for integrating AI tools that complement and augment human interaction, focusing on empathy and understanding as core components of customer service.

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