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Pypestream announces the Customer Engagement Center

Mar 3, 2021

Top Brands like ADT, Gillette, Royal Caribbean, Sling TV, and TriWest Go Digital with Pypestream’s Conversational AI Platform

Consumers have gone “all-digital” at an accelerated pace. They communicate through text, buy products in apps, and manage their accounts online. Entire industries are transforming how they engage with customers for this very reason, and brands are racing towards digital automation to meet these on-demand customer needs. Pypestream is at the forefront of this race, and today the company is launching its new Customer Engagement Center (CEC), built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  

Powered by advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the CEC is a next-generation, cloud-based solution that is designed to help customers to interact directly with brands on any device, at any time. The CEC automates all customer interactions — proactive and reactive — and seamlessly escalates to services like Amazon Connect, an easy to use omnichannel cloud contact center from AWS. On the CEC, brands become fully automated, digital brands powered by AI. Pypestream on AWS offers customers a reliable, always-on solution with flexibility to scale quickly and easily.  

Global spending on customer experience (CX) technology is forecasted to increase to over $640 billion by 2022. Pypestream is driving digital transformation of CX with technologies like natural language processing and speech to text to enable customers to engage with brands directly via the same digital channels they use daily to communicate with friends and family. This allows people to effortlessly manage their information, track orders and claims, process returns, make payments, find answers to  questions, and complete any other task Pypestream and its AI can map to a backend system. There is no more need for a call center manned by hundreds (and even thousands) of agents.

Pypestream | Pype Conversational Interface

Digital Automation Adds Trust, Cuts Costs

In the few months since its launch, the CEC has reduced significant call center volume and already saved brands more than $35 million in costs:

Sling TV is revolutionizing the TV industry by delivering live TV streaming to more than 2.5 million customers across the nation. “By implementing Pypestream, we have been able to support our customers at any time of the day. Pypestream has helped us improve the customer experience for all types of engagements with our customers, from service to retention,” said Seth Van Sickel, VP of Operations, Sling Television.

Gillette has created a strong direct-to-consumer channel through GIL, a fully transactional digital assistant built on the Pypestream Customer Engagement Center. GIL handles everything from order management to FAQs, promotions and subscriptions. Gillette has made it much easier for its customers and those considering switching to Gillette to have meaningful and valuable interactions directly.

Royal Caribbean is known for driving innovation at sea and has continuously redefined vacationing. “Pypestream turned us into an always-on brand,” said Juan Silva, Associate VP, Product Digital Sales, Royal Caribbean. No matter the contact volume of the time of day, we’re available to provide service via messaging. The transformative approach has changed the game for our business and travel partners.”

TriWest, a third-party administrator for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), utilizes a network of community providers to provide health care to Veterans in their local community. “We serve over a million phone calls a month. The ability to automate that is a pretty remarkable concept,” said David McIntyre, President and CEO, TriWest.

The Transition Away from Traditional Call Centers

“We are seeing a major shift away from the traditional call center, and our AI technologies help to deflect over 80% of customers away from unnecessary service calls,” said Richard Smullen, CEO, and Founder, Pypestream. “Today’s millennial and Gen Z consumers avoid businesses they have to call because they find them time-consuming, outdated, and irrelevant. They expect a fully automated, seamless, and in-brand experience personalized to their needs. Uber and Netflix set the tone for this and now every brand needs to deliver immersive and automated customer service.”  

With out-of-the-box solutions, Pypestream’s CEC is a quick and scalable way for large enterprises to transform into fully automated, digital brands. Designed as an all-in-one solution, the CEC delivers twelve components that handle the entire customer engagement process — including insightful analytics, enterprise-grade security, and seamless handoffs to agents in contact centers, that can scale easily. Pypestream’s CEC gives organizations one integrated platform to build brand loyalty through more effective communications with customers, employees, and partners. Here for more on Pypestream CEC.

Pypestream is expanding globally and innovating customer engagement in several key industries, including Streaming and Wireless, Insurance, Healthcare, Travel, eCommerce, and Financial Services. In addition to being built on AWS, Pypestream is listed in AWS Marketplace with over 20 customers live on the platform.

Originally published in BusinessWire