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With 12 products that work independently or together, The Pypestream Customer Engagement Cloud has every resource needed to transform your business into a fully automated digital brand.

Get it all if your business needs an all-in-one solution

The Customer Engagement Center. All 12 Pypestream products right out of the box.

In the on-demand economy, the Pypestream CEC is table stakes for the digital era. By taking your customers on a hyper transactional and personalized journey, you’ll eliminate the need for calls, emails, and useless chatbots. The result? The highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) and lowest customer care costs ever. Guaranteed.

Cloud Customer Engagement Center

Customer Engagement Cloud products:

Interact with your customers on a Pype

Your customers’ digital gateway into your business.

A secure web interface for customers to engage with your business, the Pype is the evolution of the chat window. It delivers app functionality with a conversational AI experience and is completely brandable, responsive, and customizable. With just a few lines of JavaScript, anyone can put a Pype into a website or app.


Make engagement as unique as your business with embeds

Actions that enable your customers to tap and swipe instead of type.

Chatbots feel robotic, and call centers are boring. Embeds give your customers options and enable them to take action quickly. Each Embed can map to a specific business process or use case, and with hundreds of them available, your business can tailor them exactly to your customers’ needs.

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Agent Connect

Take the conversation to where your customers are

The adapter that connects to your customers, anywhere.

The Pype isn’t the only way to interact. With ChannelPro, your customers can connect to your business on virtually any platform – like Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and even Alexa. Ensuring the Pype experience is available everywhere, ChannelPro enables you to build only once and deploy to many.


Human understanding without a human

The first AI-powered, human-understanding engine ever.

Solve your customers’ problems faster by knowing their intent. Dovetail uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to identify tone, sentiment, and even emojis in a chat. And with this emotional understanding, Dovetail can automatically resolve your customers’ issues with empathy. Furthermore, it understands multiple languages, making your business adaptable to every walk of life.

Engagement automation

Ditch the bottlenecks and automate everything with the Automation Engine

The self-serve automation platform with advanced analytics.

Before, your business needed teams to interact with customers. Now, at the heart of the system, Automation Engine can handle it all – sales, marketing, care, troubleshooting, payments, scheduling – everything. This allows your business to scale engagements and drive industry-leading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs.)

The Automation Engine can also employ four other Pypestream products that your business can access through the Customer Engagement Console. Each one increases the capabilities of your business to implement and improve use cases rapidly. They are DesignPro, OutboundPro, AnalyticsPro, and SurveysPro.

Customer Engagement Center Console


A self-service design tool to quickly implement your solutions.

A graphical drag and drop designer to allow all teams to help build and deploy solutions quickly. Design Studio is a visual editor that businesses can use that is rich and intuitive. Drag and drop capabilities allow with quickly creating solutions that can be deployed to Pypes or ChannelPro.

An interface that displays analytics your team can track in real-time.

Stop guessing at customer satisfaction. AnalyticsPro allows your team to understand what customers are doing, where they are dropping off, and how your system performs. Also, get in-depth insights within your Customer Engagement Center with our built-in features – a traversal heat map, Natural Language word clouds, and Dovetail assisted learning training tools.


A tool that redirects customers to web-based solutions.

Call-based channels are expensive. OutboundPro deflects these costs by leading calling customers to online answers via SMS or email. Its advanced capabilities enable Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) and businesses to send individual or mass messages to redirect callers to a Pype.


A tool that uses flow to create engaging surveys.

Designing surveys can be confusing. SurveyPro makes it easy by helping your team create questions with the right sequence and messaging based on your customers’ buyer persona. This, in turn, delivers insightful feedback and increases the response rate to help your business improve its products and services.


Connect to anything on the backend

A bridge between your customers and any software.

As Pypestream’s serverless integration layer, APIPro allows deep and functional integrations into myriad back-end systems. In the digital era, reading and writing to backend systems is critical. APIPro uses Soap, Json, XML, and Rest APIs and handles RPA technology for legacy systems.


Escalate to an agent only when needed

Easy customer transfers to contact center agents.

While we aim to reduce your overall dependence on contact centers, they are still needed while your Customer Engagement Center is evolving. ContactCenterPro seamlessly escalates issues to agents by routing customers based on rules and workflow management. It also integrates with platforms like Genesys, Salesforce Live Agent, Nuance, Amazon Connect, Five9, and Oracle.


Empower agents to multiply customer satisfaction

Efficient human interaction through chat.

An intuitive desktop application, not only does AgentPro allow communication via live chat, but it also enables multiple conversations from different channels, gives relevant user information and context, and provides answers to commonly asked questions. For supervisors, it can provide insights into agent performance, review conversations in realtime, and use past discussions to train agents.

Security logos

Secure every customer interaction by default with CompliancePro

Enterprise-grade security for your customer engagement system.

Security is paramount. That’s why we’re fully committed to delivering a highly secure solution for every customer engagement. When it comes to security, we differentiate ourselves by our execution. With Pypestream, A Risk and Security Council oversees every security protocol. Meeting regularly, this council reviews and implements policy, risk, and compliance when needed.