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Cruise Lines: Sample microapps — bookings, activities, concierge services, loyalty points and rewards, dining, discount codes, personalized guest experiences, package options, pricing, destinations, travel insurance, tours
Hotels: Sample microapps — guest services, late checkout, room service, upgrades, extended stays, loyalty points and rewards, amenities, bookings, locations, concierge services, pricing, discounts
Airlines: Sample microapps — purchases, flight comparisons, pricing, FAQs, loyalty, refunds, cancellations, modifications, flight status, troubleshooting, recommendations, passwords, sign-up, payment options, coupons, promotions
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Sample use case automation

Pypestream has turned us into an always-on brand. No matter the contact volume or the time of day, we’re available to provide quality service. This transformative approach has changed the game for our business and travel partners.

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Juan Silva
Associate VP, Product Digital Sales
Royal Caribbean

Engaging microapps for travel brands

Empower your customers to complete tasks 24/7 in an app-like experience.

Travel use case book a trip

Book a trip

Travel use case room upgrades

Room upgrades

Travel use case destination recommendations


Travel flows

Pre-built microapps

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging Pypestream’s library of pre-built microapps for travel use cases. Our “conversationalized” content, flow architecture, and embedded UX features make for the very best customer journeys, from cruise package reviews to hotel upgrades to loyalty point redemptions.

AI training data
for travel

Does your company lack historical conversation logs for AI training? No problem. Pypestream brings extensive experience in the travel industry. Work with us to tap into a wide array of utterance data sets for the most common intents.

Pre-built intents serve as a great starting point; you can further increase each intent’s accuracy by adding more utterances based on actual production data.

user intents travel
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Conversationalize travel:

Watch it in action

Celebrity Cruises
automation example

Celebrity Cruises deployed self-service automation through Facebook Messenger, powered by Pypestream. Immersive and always-on, customers can now easily navigate an automated experience to review cruise package options before proceeding to purchase with a live agent.

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