Customer experience at a whole new level

Superior technology and market-leading business strategy
to conversationalize your brand

An end-to-end solution

Pypestream’s full-stack offering combines five essential elements that enable enterprises to achieve “conversational powerhouse” status without the need to procure from multiple vendors.
Pypestream platform
Engagement Automation

Bridge disparate systems via APIs to enable transactions; authenticate for reactive and proactive consumer engagements


Deploy advanced natural language understanding with multiple classifiers and search technology working together in harmony

Agent Escalations

Escalate conversations to live agents with complete context; seamlessly operationalize Pypestream in your contact centers

Pypes Messaging Carrier

Encrypt your consumer engagements with the only patented B2C messaging carrier purpose-built for enterprise scale

Web Conversational Interface

Offer a 24/7 immersive consumer gateway to your business, flexibly deployed across mobile and desktop web with elite UX

Web conversational interface

Delight consumers with dynamic, secure, transactional messaging experiences.

File upload
List pickers
Redaction & masking
Dynamically generated graphs


The only patented B2C messaging carrier purpose-built for enterprises

Developed in erlang, a code optimized for high-volume messaging, and securely hosted in the cloud with Amazon Web Services, Pypes privately relay encrypted data between the web conversational interface on the consumer front end and engagement automation on the back end. Pypes are built to scale with volume spikes, and can plug into any back end system via APIs, from homegrown services to the latest technologies.

Erlang & AWS
Engagement automation

Engagement automation

Pypestream integrates with any externalized web service to enable engagement automation. Whether your enterprise has REST, SOAP, or legacy APIs, Pypestream switches on scalable connections to deliver personalized, transactional utility for the end-user. Based on the selected use cases for automation, Pypestream will extract relevant data from APIs to authenticate users, and can even trigger outbound SMS notifications via event-based broadcasts.

dovetail logo

The most comprehensive AI
for customer experience

Dovetail™ AI delivers on five critical prerequisites for deploying natural langauge understanding at scale. Now, enterprises can have high confidence that the promises of well-implemented AI turn into reality for their customer experience.

Security logos

Military-grade security

Full Data Privacy: No data is sold to ad buyers, ever. Only you see your company’s conversation logs. Automatically redact sensitive data either by use case design or proactively via configurable regex rules.
Encryption: Data encrypted at rest and in transit. Pypestream can manage the encryption keys or your enterprise can maintain the keys via AWS KMS.
Safe Transactions: Deploy transactional functionality with confidence. Manage credit card details, handle payments, transfer funds, and more. All with secure messaging.

Escalation to live representatives

Seamlessly operationalize Pypestream within your contact center. Escalate conversations from automation to live representatives with full context and consumer history. Pypestream integrates with third-party agent desktop solutions such as Salesforce Live Agent, Freshchat, Nuance, ServiceNow, and more.

Agent escalation logos
Pypestream agent

Self-service design

The only graphical user interface for conversational AI designers that sits atop a secure, patented, enterprise B2C messaging carrier. Business analysts, conversational designers, copywriters and integration developers can deploy their own solutions with sandbox testing and instant production releases.


Build once, deploy across a myriad of channels. Pypestream offers transformation layers to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Amazon Alexa, and more. Rather than build a basic bot for each different backend system, use Pypestream as your central hub to integrate with all backend systems so users can transact across a wide range of tasks within a single interface, wherever they are. Finally, an architecture that makes life simple for the end-user.


Conversational analytics

Actionable insights to optimize performance and identify new opportunity areas for automation.

Engagement dashboard
Engagement Dashboard
Pypestream configures operational dashboards with customer-specific business KPIs so the data to evaluate the success of your deployment is right at your fingertips. Common metrics include messaging volume over a configurable time series, the percent of sessions fully automated versus those escalated to live representatives, and survey scores.

Pypestream customers love our conversational AI heatmaps because they deliver far more actionable insights about user behavior than traditional website clicks. These heatmaps illustrate the frequency of specific user journeys across use cases. Nodes are shown in green, yellow, and red. Green nodes show the most common paths traveled by users while red nodes show exit activity.

Conversation logs
Conversation Logs
At the end of every user session, Pypestream will automatically send your business a conversation log of the interaction in TXT or JSON format to an HTTPS endpoint of your choosing. This empowers enterprises to leverage their existing business intelligence tools and consume a new type of data in order to gather consumer behavior insights.