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Pypestream customers set the standard for how self-service automation can foster positive policyholder relationships.

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Insurance sample use case

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Revolutionize your customer service

Property & Casualty: Sample microapps — claims, policy options, policy changes, verify policy details, update personal information, quotes, benefits, coverage lookup, first notice of loss, reset password, claim status and history, billing details, add a vehicle, add a family member
Health: Sample microapps — care navigation, schedule appointments, coverage lookup, find a provider, claim status and history, billing details, claims, quotes, benefits, policy options, policy changes, verify policy details, update personal information, reset password

Engaging microapps for insurance brands

Empower your customers to complete tasks 24/7 in an app-like experience.

Insurance use case schedule meetings

Schedule meetings

Insurance use case first notice of loss

First notice of loss

Insurance use case pay bills

Pay bills

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“Pypestream helps us fulfill our customer needs in a way that’s efficient, effective and still feels friendly. We were able to take the talent and knowledge of our internal team and marry that up with the technical expertise and customer expertise Pypestream brings to the table.”

McKenzie Holmes
Director of Marketing & Customer Experience
“We serve over one million phone calls a month. The ability to automate that and make it self-service so that the person can do it whenever it works for them, and not when it works for you, is a pretty remarkable concept.”

David McIntyre
President & CEO
TriWest Healthcare Alliance
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“Almost 90% of chat interactions are contained within the solution, which tells us dental providers can get the information they need most of the time via self-serve without a live agent or opt out to a phone call.”

Angie Johnson
Associate Vice President for Group Operations

Pypestream’s approach to self-service automation is a game changer for customer experience. I could see its application across a broad array of use cases.

American Claims Management
Dhara Patel
American Claims Management
insurance flows

Pre-built microapps

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging Pypestream’s library of pre-built microapps for insurance use cases. Our “conversationalized” content, flow architecture, and embedded UX features make for the very best customer journeys, from claims submissions to policy coverage lookup to quote-and-bind.


Lavalier partnered with Pypestream to incorporate self-service automation in our consumer application process. This makes applying for insurance a snap.

Lavalier logo
Joseph Dowd
Lavalier Insurance

AI training data
for insurance

Does your company lack historical conversation logs for AI training? No problem. Pypestream brings extensive experience in the insurance industry. Work with us to tap into a wide array of utterance data sets for the most common intents.

Pre-built intents serve as a great starting point; you can further increase each intent’s accuracy by adding more utterances based on actual production data.

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Conversationalize insurance:

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