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Pypestream is a key partner for Shell because they are driving real innovation in artificial intelligence. Their full-stack technology is transforming the way we think about fostering meaningful digital engagements.

Davey Strachan
Head of Digital Delivery
Royal Dutch Shell
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“Pypestream helps us fulfill our customer needs in a way that’s efficient, effective and still feels friendly. We were able to take the talent and knowledge of our internal team and marry that up with the technical expertise and customer expertise Pypestream brings to the table.”

McKenzie Holmes
Director of Marketing & Customer Experience

By implementing Pypestream, we have been able to support our customers at any time of the day. Pypestream has helped us improve the customer experience for all types of engagements with our customers, from service to retention.

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Seth Van Sickel
VP of Operations
“We serve over one million phone calls a month. The ability to automate that and make it self-service so that the person can do it whenever it works for them, and not when it works for you, is a pretty remarkable concept.”

David McIntyre
President & CEO
TriWest Healthcare Alliance
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Pypestream’s approach to conversational AI
is a game changer for customer experience.
I could see its application across a broad array of use cases.

American Claims Management
Dhara Patel
American Claims Management
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“Almost 90% of chat interactions are contained within the solution, which tells us dental providers can get the information they need most of the time via self-serve without a live agent or opt out to a phone call.”

Angie Johnson
Associate Vice President for Group Operations

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