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More than text: Why robust visuals matter

Elizabeth Zink
May 17, 2023

Your chatbot is not a novel. Your customers do not want to sit and read chunks upon chunks of text. We live in a world where attention spans are at a record low and it’s necessary, now more than ever, to do whatever you can to be eye-catching – and relying solely on text is not going to be enough. What you need are visuals that captivate your customers. Its important to recognize that, as humans, we are programmed to be drawn to stuff that sparkles.

Things like media and design are vital to your chatbot for a number of reasons:

Enhanced user experience

Visuals such as pictures and videos break up chunks of text. Your user would much rather see an image every now and again than a wall of words that they ultimately, may not even read entirely. Visual elements tend to also help users feel more engaged with your chatbot. As mentioned earlier, attention spans are not what they used to be; and the best way to keep your customer communicating with your company is by providing them with an experience similar to what those devices can bring them. Using videos or a graphic to describe something to your customer instead of words will keep them hooked.

Explaining the unexplainable

Sometimes there are things that words just can’t quite describe. Sometimes there’s too many numbers or statistics that just don’t translate via text. This is when a visual can come in handy. Elements such as charts, pie graphs, and diagrams make more sense when they’re drawn out. With these types of visuals you can explain complex concepts in simpler terms and in a way that makes more sense. Additionally, by offering a more graphical approach you reduce the risk of customer frustration, drop-off, and agent escalation which can save you money and increase loyalty among your user-base.

Branding and personalization

The way you present your brand is important and visuals play a huge part in how your company comes across to a potential customer. By customizing visuals to match your branding you ensure your customer’s eyes stay on your chatbot. Users are more likely to engage with brands that are polished and attractive over brands that lack those qualities. Furthermore, when you create a solid brand image in your customer’s eyes, they’re more likely to recognize your company in the future and more likely to remain loyal to your company. At Pypestream, one of our favorite visual elements is our brand moment at the top of every Pype. This can be a static image or a gif and it’s a powerful way to communicate who your company is and why your customers should do business with you.

Emotional response

Strong visuals evoke emotions in your customer and, when used properly, they can create a lasting memory for your customer. For example, when using a beautiful image you might inspire a sense of happiness in your customer. A well-placed animation stands the chance to elicit a laugh from the person using your chatbot. These sorts of emotional responses are a great way to connect with your customer and to make the conversation feel friendlier. Often, people turn their nose up at chatbots and AI under the pretense that it’s too robotic and too impersonal. Humor or kindness or empathy, however, are easily built into chatbots and can break through to the naysayers.


No one wants to spend their time with your chatbot reading boring messages with no flair. They want to be excited. They want to be connected with. They want to feel like your chatbot is just as good (if not better) than speaking to someone on the phone. When you lack visuals, you lose customers. Break free from the same old, humdrum boring bots that everyone dreads interacting with. Spice up your chatbot with images and videos and gifs and colors.

If you’re ready to see the art of the possible when it comes to making your user experience a step above the rest, contact us at Pypestream!