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What is Conversational AI?

Sep 12, 2019

Conversational AI is the use of messaging and voice assistants to automate communication and create personalized experiences at scale between humans and machines. For customer care, conversational AI offers a direct path for customers to sort out problems, address concerns, and reach goals. It is a technology that allows us to use natural language to interact with intelligent assistants and it can be trained to provide concise or in-depth content, and can take on various tones.Without conversational AI these interactions would just be a bunch of canned questions and answers.

How can conversational AI help enterprises and their customers?

We live in an always-on world, and conversational AI is highly scalable, available 24/7, and in a split second, to help insurers field claims during floods or allow cable providers to troubleshoot technical issues with customers during outages. 40% of mobile interactions will be managed with conversational AI by 2020 and the “post-app” era will soon begin to dominate. Pulling from a rich trove of data, companies will increasingly personalize 1:1 messaging with customers.

How can conversational AI benefit your business?