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ComputerWorld: What are large language models?

Elizabeth Zink
Jun 8, 2023

In the past it was commonplace for chatbots to not understand you. Typing free text into a bot would regularly result in a reply stating it couldn’t make sense of your request and was either connecting you to an agent or that it would like you to try again. The latter would often become frustrating, particularly if the option of a human agent wasn’t offered, as you would find yourself in a perpetual circle that rarely ended with an answer to whatever your problem was. As language models improved slightly, sometimes you’d be directed to a vaguely relevant FAQ entry or you’d receive an almost helpful response – but complex requests were still impossible to resolve.

As humans, we simply weren’t satisfied with this.

We continued to build. We continued to innovate. And then we arrived at large language models.

Large language models, such as Open AI’s ChatGPT, are going to revolutionize the way we interact with customer service. In this article by ComputerWorld, the advent of the LLM is not only contextualized but the rapidly evolving landscape is detailed. It also explains the current privacy and safety concerns many experts have regarding the new technology. While these language models stand to completely change our world and how we do business it is important to note that they do struggle quite a bit. Beyond biases and inaccuracies, sites like ChatGPT put data that is collected and stored at risk.

It isn’t always going to be like this, though. While experts are concerned about the security of large language models, many also view these weak points as areas that, with some more work and innovation, can be resolved. With time we will likely be able to see large language models become the norm as far as customer service is concerned.

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