After a nine-month rigorous audit, the world’s first Customer Engagement Center powered by conversational AI has attained the significant milestone of Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2) Type 2 attestation.

Security is a top priority for Pypestream and is the cornerstone of the highly advanced Pypestream cloud. This achievement provides external validation of the controls Pypestream has implemented.

SOC2 is one of the most broadly recognized certification frameworks, it serves as an indicator that a service provider can protect an organization’s interests. Many enterprises have come to expect this validation from their vendors. With SOC2, Pypestream’s customers have the assurance that our SaaS solution can securely manage data while maintaining its security and service commitments.

SOC2 is a set of compliance requirements and auditing processes targeted at third-party service providers. An auditor certified by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) performs the audit against a broad set of criteria across a company’s policies, procedures, and internal controls. The criteria includes logical and physical access controls, system operations, change management, and risk mitigation.

The completion of SOC2 rounds out the Pypestream security framework which already includes HIPAA compliance and PCI DSS certification. Pypestream’s aim is to give customers the assurance that our Customer Engagement Center has comprehensive security controls across its SaaS service as well as those specific to healthcare and credit card processing.

Enterprises spanning from healthcare to banking, government to insurance are flocking to Pypestream as more and more of their consumers are demanding fully immersive digital experiences and as they realize we live in a world where brands have to be automated in order to compete.

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