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Pypestream’s Edge in Automation: An Exclusive with Evan, Our Director of Account Management

Evan Howieson
Sep 14, 2023

At Pypestream, we're far more than just a technology provider—we're catalysts for meaningful change. With a team that fuses diverse expertise in solution design, engineering, and UI, our aim is laser-focused: create transformative solutions that resonate. 

In this blog post, we sit down with Evan Howieson, our Director of Account Management, to delve into what sets Pypestream apart and explore what the future holds for automation and customer engagement.

A Journey Into Automation: Where It All Began for Evan

Evan's tech journey started uniquely in sports technology, where he saw firsthand how tech can improve user engagement. This sparked a lasting passion for automation. As he dug deeper into the sector, Evan realized that evolving technology isn't just a tool—it's an enabler that empowers people to manage customer interactions on their own terms. With years of experience, Evan believes tech frees us to focus on what's crucial: building authentic relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Why Pypestream Stands Apart: An AI-Enabled Enterprise Ecosystem

Pypestream goes beyond being just a technology platform; consider us your strategic partner in driving digital transformation. While many vendors offer no-code, DIY platforms, Pypestream delivers an all-in-one automation solution tailored for your unique needs.

Evan underscores, "The magic happens when technology, data, and expertise merge. We act as the connective tissue linking your enterprise's data to AI models, backend systems, and the end-user. It's this integrated approach that sets us apart."

Beyond Tech: A Unified, Expert-Driven Strategy

Struggling to juggle multiple vendors for data, AI, and process redesign? Pypestream's specialized team of experts acts as your one-stop shop. We're essentially a quasi ‘SWAT’ team, capable of reengineering business processes within hours, not months. "It's not just about owning the tech but wielding it effectively to generate real business value," Evan emphasizes.

We’ve helped global brands like P&G, MAX, RCCL, and John Deere achieve seamless integration at a fraction of the traditional time and cost. With Pypestream, you can confidently focus on your core business while we handle the complexities, end-to-end.

Real-world Impact: A Case in Point

Evan cites a partnership with a global streaming giant amid a high-stakes merger and platform relaunch to over 100M users. In a tight timeframe, our team rolled out 23 custom automation solutions across four global regions, introduced 4 new brands, and translated content into 21 languages.

Here's where the ROI magic happens:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: We streamlined services, driving user satisfaction.
  • Boosted Operational Efficiency: Our automations freed up human teams for complex tasks.
  • Stabilized Headcount: Our scalable solutions handled the company's global expansion.
  • Actionable Insights: Data from our systems enabled precise strategy adjustments.

Unlike vendors that require months to deliver ROI, Pypestream stands out by delivering tangible gains right from the start. This immediate impact doesn't just solve challenges—it sets the stage for sustainable growth and ongoing ROI.

The Future of Automation and Pypestream's Unique Position

When Evan looks to the future of automation and customer service, he's convinced that generative AI will redefine the landscape, making interactions more intuitive and relatable. But what separates Pypestream from other companies he's worked with over the years?

Evan singles out Pypestream's exceptional flexibility and adaptability. Unlike other platforms that require significant customization or are confined by their existing technology, Pypestream is designed to integrate effortlessly with any current systems. This quality makes us what Evan fittingly describes as "the Swiss Army knife in any organization."

Furthermore, this flexibility isn't limited to just today’s tech. Our platform is built to adapt to emerging advances in AI, meaning we can continuously evolve without necessitating major changes to our or our clients' existing systems.

Pypestream doesn’t just meet today's needs but is primed to leverage future innovations. This distinguishes us from other companies Evan has seen, placing us as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving field of customer service automation.

Final Thoughts

For Evan, the essence of his role at Pypestream comes down to one thing: seeing projects evolve to deliver tangible results.

"Our partnership is the most crucial element we bring, leading to a long list of very satisfied clients experiencing best-in-class results from our tech," he notes.

Don't just take his word for it. Join Evan for a deep dive in an upcoming LinkedIn webinar on Wednesday, September 20th at 11am ET. Part of our PypeUp series, this session will focus on AI and Automation in customer service, honing in on call center optimization from IVR to SMS.

As Evan puts it, "Choose a partner, not just a platform."

So, if you're invested in taking your automation game to the next level, this is an event you won't want to miss. Mark your calendar, and click here to register.

In sum, Pypestream isn’t just a player in the automation arena; we're setting the pace.