In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, employees of Pypestream donated over 100 hours of service towards various good causes including environmental preservation, medical needs, and overseas aid.

The acts of service stemmed from Pypestream’s Volunteer Month, hosted by the Social Impact Group. During this month, management encouraged employees to give back to the community by allowing employees to spend half a work day to volunteer for causes of their choice and by covering any incurred travel expenses. Some Pypestream employees chose to support their communities by helping their local food bank, cleaning up a nearby beach, helping to build affordable housing, or helping to support cancer patients. A few employees chose to help with global initiatives such as distributing food and equipment to flood victims in Pakistan, tutoring and coaching students in the Philippines and Curacao, or fundraising for children in Ukraine.

Building great relationships with people in our community is a part of Pypestream’s core values as much as supporting brands build great relationships with their customers.

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Pypestream volunteer montage