We are excited to announce that our upcoming 6.6 platform release and user interface updates will be going live on July 19, 2018. Our goal at Pypestream is to connect businesses directly to their consumers and this new release is designed to dramatically improve that experience. Through an upgraded user interface, more detailed reporting, enhanced functionality for administrators and agents, and more robust security and NLU capabilities, Pypestream continues to revolutionize the relationship between businesses and customers.

Check out what’s new:

Usability & End-User Functionality

  • The user interface of the web widget has been upgraded throughout, including the overall style, buttons and various rich assets, in order to improve the user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Click here to check out the new UI.
  • Click-to-call functionality has been made available. If a phone number appears in the web widget, it is hyperlinked for the user to click on it and be directed to his/her phone app where the number is pre-populated. This allows end-users to seamlessly initiate a phone call from the conversational interface in an intuitive manner.
  • We have increased the time limit for a chat session to end from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Now, if a user happens to lock their phone or navigate away from the browser to multitask their chat won’t end. The extended time limit also assures end-users that a customer support touchpoint is still there for them.
  • End-users can now upload files or photos from their mobile device or desktop to the conversational interface. The files or photos will be sent to a designated endpoint.
  • The end-chat handler in our platform can now allow for custom specifications, enabling additional business rules surrounding ending chat sessions.


  • Available metadata in the widget script will pass through to chat transcripts, including standard user information (full name, email address, phone number), to provide valuable context and end-user identification.

Pype Manager and Escalated Chats

  • Canned responses are now available and allow for agents to utilize pre-defined responses while chatting with customers to quickly reply to incoming messages in the voice of your enterprise. This feature can be enabled and configured by the Pype Manager administrator for the following categories: greeting, conversational, closing, transfer, abuse and privacy.


  • We continue to take efforts to ensure that credit card transactions are processed securely. This includes establishing and securing audit trails and strengthening Pype Manager login requirements.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

  • Given that Spanish is one of the most prevalent languages, Pypestream has developed a Spanish NLU Engine that includes a Spanish dictionary with NLU capabilities.