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Meet Your Customer Where She Lives: Messenger

Nov 15, 2021

Want to succeed in 2022? Meet your customer where she lives. After all, today’s consumer reasonably expects all her brands to be fully present on her phone. This includes handling her customer care issues on her phone. And not just on her phone, but in the channels she favors on her phone.

We know what those are: Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Texting, Pypes, and so forth. Each is important, and Pypestream engagement automation runs on them all, plus more. But for now, let’s focus on the first one.

Messenger isn’t just for Facebook anymore. It has its own identity and doesn’t even require a Facebook account to use. Speaking of use, some two billion people use Messenger, sending a billion messages a day. Of course, Messenger isn’t even just for phones, albeit that’s the most important device where it’s accessed. However, part of its appeal is a seamless flow of messages between your customer’s phone and laptop.

The value of Pypestream on Messenger is that it gives you Customer Engagement Automation on Messenger. That’s transformative: Your customers, productively engaged with your brand, no agents required, on Messenger, where she lives.

But that’s not all. Pypestream Engagement Automation powers you on Instagram, WhatsApp, Texting, Apple, Google, Pypes, et al. Thus, you can deliver top notch care wherever your customer is since you deliver it automatically where she lives — on her phone.

Importantly, those engagements are automated by Pypestream, so you can deliver outstanding customer care with significantly fewer agents than today. That’s because Pypestream fully automates most customer engagements to the customer’s satisfaction, even as it allows for escalation to an agent for stickier issues. This works for everyone: your customer, your agents, and your budget.

Visit the Pypestream on Messenger page to learn more and to request an assessment for how much you can save by meeting your customer where she lives.