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Introducing Cyrus a DealerOn and Pypestream Partnership

Elizabeth Zink
Jul 22, 2022

We’ve all heard it: tales of pushy car salesmen coercing innocent buyers into purchasing vehicles that would be better left in the lot. Fortunately, we see those experiences fading into the past with the advent of digital car purchases becoming increasingly prevalent.

However, car buyers and car sellers are facing a brand new problem: chatbots.

You know the ones I’m talking about: they don’t understand your customer, they take forever to respond, and they make what should be a simple task exponentially more difficult.

Cyrus is changing that.

Cyrus is DealerOn’s new conversational AI solution built jointly with Pypestream that aims to make car shopping a delightful experience for both the customer and the dealership.

Gone are the days of simplistic chatbots that treat everyone the same and struggle to accomplish simple tasks. Cyrus uses Natural Language Understanding to identify the tone a customer is using, the sentiment of their words, and even the emojis. Conversations are tailored to your customer and can recognize anger, happiness, confusion, or frustration, and issues are resolved quickly and effectively via helpful and empathic responses.

The customer’s experience is further enhanced with rich assets such as carousels, date pickers, and more. These assets bring life to what was once sterile and boring text bubbles, and uninteresting dialog is excised in favor of interactive elements that are both engaging and effective in enabling the ultimate self-service experience.

Cyrus also has the power to benefit dealerships with its ability to connect to website inventory and stay in sync with current deals and specials. Customers will be able to shop for vehicles knowing they have the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

In addition to that, Cyrus will soon be available across various channels such as Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS. This will allow dealerships to seamlessly connect with their customers wherever they are and with whatever service they choose.

For shoppers, Cyrus is the future of buying and selling a car, valuing trade-ins, and scheduling service appointments. For dealerships, Cyrus is the most seamless way to connect with the customer and provide them with an easy, efficient, and enjoyable shopping experience. Without question, it’s the car salesman we’ve all dreamed of meeting.

Visit the Cyrus page at DealerOn to learn more about how Cyrus is taking car shopping into the 21st century.