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Gartner Hypes Pypestream

Aug 4, 2021

Pypestream is thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been mentioned in nine Gartner Hype Cycle reports. Nine!

"Our customers in insurance, streaming and wireless, consumer packaged goods, and more are reaping the benefits of Pypes and the Pypestream automation platform, operationalized and at scale. These 9 Gartner Hype Cycle mentions are recognition of that fact."

– Richard Smullen,
Pypestream Founder & CEO

These Hype Cycles cover six markets and three trend areas. The markets are:

• Digital Banking Transformation
• Digital Government Technology
• Smart City Technologies and Solutions
• Digital Workplace
• Business Process Services
• Higher Education

The trend areas are:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Natural Language Technologies
• User Experience

This accomplishment proves the resonance of Pypestream’s unique approach to automating customer engagement with graphically rich, conversational-AI.

It also proves that the Pypestream automation platform is applicable for many markets and touches on several important tech trends. Those trends include Conversational User Interfaces, Virtual Assistants, and Chatbots, notwithstanding that Pypes are to chatbots as iPhones are to flip-phones. OTOH, perhaps Pypestream got mentioned so often because Pypes and the Pypestream platform are next generation compared to old school chatbots.

Another reason for the hype around Pypestream is that our customers are notably successful at operationalizing and scaling their automated customer engagement initiatives. Most other such initiatives apparently aren’t.

The result is that from over 2,000 chatbot and conversational AI vendors, 120 of whom are considered enterprise-class, Gartner chose to include Pypestream on a short list of ten, several of whom are giants, e.g., Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft. We’re honored by the company.