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Executive Interview Series: Amorah Sandberg

Elizabeth Zink
Jul 10, 2023
The first question is an easy one – what’s your job title?

My job title is Chief of Sales.

Our next question is did you always want to do this job?

Sales, as a whole, has consistently captivated my interest and entire career spanning nearly two decades. The dynamic engagement with customers and the pursuit of innovative solutions capable of truly transforming their businesses have been sources of immense satisfaction for me.

In the beginning of my career, I did not imagine that leading a team would be part of my journey.  Over the past 20 years, it slowly became natural and something that as I look back makes more sense now.

What are your major priorities for the coming year for Pypestream?

Our prime objective revolves around the strategic expansion of our business. With notable shifts occurring in our product offerings and an expanding target customer base, our focus lies in identifying and seizing opportunities within specific industries that are poised for future growth. Additionally, we aim to augment our existing managed services by forging stronger partnerships with prominent corporations in the field.

By exploring new verticals, establishing fresh avenues of operation, and maximizing closure rates, we endeavor to enhance our overall market presence and capitalize on every viable opportunity.

Are there any problems you see within regards to scaling Pypestream as we start bringing in more potential clients?

Absolutely not. That is precisely why we have remained committed to catering to prominent industry leaders and addressing their most pressing challenges. Through the establishment of our proficient managed service team and our exceptional Customer Experience (CX) team, we refrain from simply activating a few features and granting clients unrestricted autonomy, as we recognize that it falls outside their area of expertise. We understand that without proper guidance, they are likely to encounter obstacles and ultimately settle for a subpar chatbot solution.

Our value proposition extends far beyond that. We provide a comprehensive, fully automated solution, complemented by a collaborative approach that involves working closely with our clients to ensure the realization of their objectives.

What do you enjoy most about this role?

There are two aspects of my experience at Pypestream that I genuinely cherish:

Firstly, the caliber of the team is truly exceptional. Each member exudes intelligence and possesses a remarkable sense of comradery. Engaging in discussions and collaborating with one another fosters continuous learning and growth. The prevailing ethos centers around mutual support and a genuine willingness to assist each other, which I find immensely gratifying.

Secondly, my enthusiasm stems from the opportunity to engage with our prospects and customers. Witnessing their distinct challenges and aspirations is intriguing. At Pypestream, we derive immense satisfaction from showcasing the realm of possibilities to our clientele. Rather than attempting to tackle every conceivable challenge simultaneously, our approach prioritizes simplicity by identifying and building upon straightforward use cases. Witnessing the excitement that emanates from our customers as they witness these possibilities unfold is truly rewarding and adds a sense of enjoyment to the work we do.

I think that’s the unique part about Pypestream. There’s no problem we can’t solve.

We are currently faced with a critical decision regarding prioritization: whether to address all challenges promptly or focus on resolving the most straightforward use cases. The enthusiasm displayed when we achieve integration, tackle problems in innovative ways, and witness the resulting spark of inspiration is truly remarkable. The exceptional nature of our technology is anything but mundane. Having experienced monotony in the past, I can confidently say that our current endeavors surpass that entirely.

Our next question is how is AI going to affect you from a team or company perspective?

We are experiencing noticeable impacts in our daily operations. The ability to summarize complex contracts at a sophisticated level has proven to be exceptionally beneficial. The time saved from not having to meticulously read through lengthy 50-page documents or NDAs, and instead being able to swiftly comprehend and summarize them, is highly advantageous. Furthermore, the capacity to distill key points and identify valuable follow-ups during calls enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of our every task.

From a client perspective, the demand for generative AI is significant, but the potential risks associated with accountability for customer-generated content can be scary. However, by implementing stringent training and parameterization measures, we can navigate these concerns, and implementing this approach to our customers is engrossing.

The ubiquity of generative AI is undeniable; it has permeated various aspects of our lives. Even my parents, who were previously only intrigued by the concept, now find themselves discussing it regularly. Its integration into my day-to-day routines signifies its widespread presence.

What do you think is the biggest benefit Pypestream offers clients?

One of the most significant advantages lies in providing our customers with a streamlined platform for seamless transactions and expedited issue resolution. This enhanced customer experience fosters a sense of brand loyalty. The ability to swiftly book flights, make payments, and access real-time bank account information without the need for a separate login page is of immense value.