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Chief Healthcare Executive: Automation can help hospitals

Elizabeth Zink
May 9, 2023

The hospital industry has suffered in the wake of COVID. According to a report from Kaufman Hall, due to the rising cost of labor and staffing shortages, 2022 was the worst financial year for hospitals and health systems since the beginning of the pandemic. This has impacted every facet of the hospital and healthcare experience from patient satisfaction to worker disposition to the quality of care.

It can feel like an impossible situation to remedy but that’s only if hospitals stick to the same old ways of operating.

This article from Chief Healthcare Executive has deemed automation as the cure for the struggles health care organizations are currently dealing with – and threatens consequences for those organizations that don’t fall in line with the changing tides. Automation can help hospitals in a number of ways, especially when it comes to operating room access which could in turn help grow revenue. A rise in revenue could be the exact thing ailing hospitals and health systems need in our new, post-pandemic world.

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