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Case Study: Growing with a top 5 global streaming service

Aug 16, 2022

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In May of 2020 Pypestream partnered with one of the top 5 global streaming services to create an engaging and effective digital customer service strategy. This company was looking to grow their legacy systems to include an offering that was competitive with other digitally-native streaming services.

However, executives knew that many new and existing users would have questions around availability and device support of this new service. Through their partnership with Pypestream this service was not only able to support their U.S. customers but also expand into international markets in 2021 in which Pypestream translated 46 languages to bring the solution to many viewers across the world; a total of 69.4 million paying subscribers globally in June 2021.

The solution has been designed to be ever changing with the success of the product and its growing customer care needs.

To learn more about how Pypestream developed and rolled out this solution and the results this streaming service has seen download the case study.