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IB: IT automation can help financial institutions

Elizabeth Zink
May 26, 2023

As the digital age progresses and more and more industries turn to automation it only makes sense that financial institutions would do the exact same. Banking apps have become second nature to customers. We have come to expect all the capabilities in our online banking experience that we might have at a physical establishment.

This innovation stands to make financial institutions stronger and more efficient. As discussed in this article from International Banker, turning to automation can help financial institutions reduce the number of errors that can occur in manual processes while improving their ability to respond to changes without needing human intervention. Automation can help behind the scenes as well on a customer-facing level by recognizing suspicious transactions as well as allowing banks to analyze customer spending patterns so that they can tailor and personalize their offers.

Security is a paramount concern when it comes to financial institutions transitioning to automation. At Pypestream, we are committed to ensuring that your company’s information as well as your customer’s information stays secure. We boast compliance with all security protocols including: PCI, HIPAA, SOC II, GDPR, and GovCloud. If you’re ready to see how automation can enhance your business processes, book a demo with us today!