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McKinsey: AI-enabled customer service is the future

Elizabeth Zink
Jun 20, 2023

The customer service landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. In the past, the face of customer service was the call center. Customers had grown accustomed to long wait times, burnt out representatives, and, quite frankly, a frustrating experience.

The tides, however, are changing.

As McKinsey reported in this in depth article, AI-enabled customer service is rapidly becoming the future of how businesses interact with their patrons. With AI at the forefront of your customer service processes, customers stand to receive a more personalized experience and, in turn, tend to be more engaged with their chosen brands. A higher rate of engagement drives factors like loyalty and overall lifetime value.

While introducing AI into your customer service center is not without its challenges, the benefit significantly outweighs the difficulty. Businesses that do not implement AI are not long for this world. Businesses that do stand to surpass and, essentially, bury the stragglers.

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