The past couple of years have changed how we interact with customer service. Prior to COVID-19, the advent of AI had begun to slowly enhance call centers but, in just a short period of time, the pandemic that rattled the world became a catalyst for its surge in dominance. AI has rapidly become the main force in how we contact customer service and, in this article from CMSWire, it’s proposed that soon it could altogether consume the call centers we’ve always known.

This overtaking will occur in a number of ways. We’ve already seen it in the way IVR systems have been improved. These systems that used to be frustrating and, for lack of a better word, unintelligent have grown to understand sentences more accurately and have better success rates in routing customers to the correct departments. Now, in the form of chatbots and automation, AI is set to overtake call centers by offering customers more personalized and efficient manners of problem solving. This is good news for employees in customer service as well as they will no longer have to deal with mundane, repetitive tasks and can focus on helping customers with more complex problems. This can lead to more fulfilling experiences for employees and better CSAT scores among customers.

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