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Patented AI-powered automation enables customer engagement while lowering business costs by up to 90%.

insurance automation

Policy plans
File claims/status
Billing details
Account management
Find a provider
Coverage lookup
And much more

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Streaming & Wireless
Streaming & wireless automation

Content recommendations
Account management
Subscription services
And much more

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eCommerce automation

Order management
Product comparison
And much more

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Healthcare automation

Appointment management
Medical device questions
Medical supplies
Order management
Lab results
Find a provider
And much more

Healthcare Automation

Become a conversational a fully digital an automated a 24/7/365 brand

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The evolution of the chatbot: Next-gen customer engagement

Today’s customers expect rapid service at their own convenience, 24/7. Pypestream’s customer engagement interface—the Pype—facilitates any action a customer wants to take, on any channel, at any time. Powered by advanced AI and connected to your backend systems, the Pype offers a hyper-personalized conversational experience for your customers.

All-in-one cloud solution: Customer Engagement Center

The Customer Engagement Center is the most scalable solution built for enterprise. It features a suite of tools powering how businesses engage with customers. These include cutting edge AI and automation to personalize the user experience, backend API integrations, and direct live support. Unlike other SaaS companies, all of the products within Pypestream’s Customer Engagement Center are included at no extra cost.

The 9 Step Guide to Automating Customer Care
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The 9 Step Guide to
Automating Customer Care

Improve customer experience & reduce costs.

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Our team of experts does all the heavy lifting, no IT resources required

Even the most nimble organizations find it challenging and costly to bring all the right people together to design, build, and deploy a conversational solution. That’s why we have our own client-dedicated team of implementation experts to build it for you. With decades of experience in user experience design and technical integrations, the PypePro team delivers high quality solutions with optimal UX in a fraction of the time it takes most IT teams to build it themselves.

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The 9 Step Guide to Automating Customer Care

Improve customer experience & reduce costs.

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