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Validate workers comp certificate and disability benefits certificate, prepare audits, workers compensation, disability benefits and paid family leave claimant forms, secure direct deposit, request insurance quotes, access medical provider network, report injuries, find an attorney, safety resources for employees and employers, policy changes, update personal information, claim status and history

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Sample use case automation
insurance flows

conversation designs

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging Pypestream’s library of pre-built conversation designs for insurance use cases. Our “conversationalized” content, flow architecture, and embedded UX features make for the very best customer journeys, from claims submissions to policy coverage lookup to quote-and-bind.

AI training data
for state funds

Does your company lack historical conversation logs for AI training? No problem. Pypestream brings extensive experience with workers compensation state funds. Work with us to tap into a wide array of utterance data sets for the most common intents.

Pre-built intents serve as a great starting point; you can further increase each intent’s accuracy by adding more utterances based on actual production data.

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Customer Example

See how California’s State Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) uses Pypestream for workers compensation customer service.

Prototypes already built for:

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