SLING TV: Becoming an automated digital brand

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Live webinar, May 25, 2021

Join us as we follow SLING TV’s journey toward building a next-generation customer engagement solution with Pypestream.

In this 45 minute session, we will hear Seth Van Sickel discuss the business problems his company was facing and how automating customer self-service with an intelligent, personalized messaging platform drove the most value for the company.

Adam Blackington
Partner Solutions Architect

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Featured Guest
Seth Van Sickel
VP of Operations

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Featured Guests
Brad Schweibold
Chief Sales Officer

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Missed the webinar? We’ve got the recording.
It isn’t too late to learn how you can transform your customer engagement with Pypestream. Watch it now.

What’s in it for you?

Learn effective strategies for leveraging AI and automation in your business to:


Improve customer experience through hyper-personalization and rich data features


Solve customer challenges by digitizing self-service


Create efficiencies within customer operations


Drive incremental revenue


Scale effortlessly with increased offerings and customer use cases

Who should attend?


Companies who know they need to incorporate AI and automation into their businesses, but don’t know where to start


Brands who implemented basic chatbots that haven’t yielded results


Businesses with a large call volume that could benefit from automation

The numbers speak for themselves


containment rate with automated sessions


increase in 
contained automated session YoY


average CSAT score with Pypestream's solution


From service to retention, Pypestream has improved every part of our customer engagement


Seth Van Sickel
VP of Operations, SLING TV

Use cases in action

Use Case Update Account Information

Updating account

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Finding packages
that fit your needs

Use Case Troubleshooting

streaming issues