Sling TV pushes the limits of automating
the customer experience

With Pypestream, Sling TV has fast-tracked its path to becoming 
a fully automated digital brand.

Empowered customers are happier customers

By enabling customers to take more actions, Sling TV increases customer satisfaction year after year.


containment rate with automated sessions


increase in 
contained automated session YoY


average CSAT score with Pypestream's solution


From service to retention, Pypestream has improved every part of our customer engagement

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Seth Van Sickel
VP of Operations, Sling TV

Sling TV advances toward full customer automation with Pypestream

Step 1

Identify pain points and create Sling TV’s customer persona

With empathy mapping, Pypestream first sought to understand the struggles Sling TV’s customers faced when they interacted with its contact center.

Pypestream then created Sling TV’s customer persona and tailored a solution perfect for their needs using design thinking.

User pain points
Streaming intents

Step 2

Prioritize use cases
and plug-in AI

Experts from Pypestream determined which use cases would drive the most value for Sling TV and implemented a handful of them to start.

Next, we plugged in integrations, like Conviva for real-time streaming analytics and ContactPro for seamless agent escalation to Freshchat.

Step 3

Add advanced AI to the mix

Working with Sling TV, we built an extensive list of common questions streaming customers ask, known as an intent library.

Then we connected Dovetail AI, Pypestream’s human-understanding engine powering Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand every customer’s tone and sentiment in chat.


Top Sling TV use cases

Update account information

Updating account

Find packages

Finding packages
that fit your needs


streaming issues

Analytics dashboards

Step 4

Optimize automation
with analytics

After Sling TV went live with their solution, Pypestream tracked its performance through advanced analytics using heat map analysis, topic modeling, and metadata dashboards.

These reports enabled Pypestream engineers to understand how the solution was performing and continually optimize it for better results.

Step 5

See costs go down
and CSAT go up

For every customer engagement that didn’t escalate to an agent, Sling TV saw an average savings of $5. And as their containment percentages grew, these savings reached into the millions.

In turn, Sling TV’s CSAT shot up since customers could perform actions independently. And unlike interacting with call centers, they could do it at any time from any device.


Step 6

Adapt to trends and
expand internationally

As Sling TV’s customers evolve, so must its solution. So Pypestream is continually leveraging cutting-edge technology to develop innovative use cases that match changing customer demands.

Pypestream also strategized to bring multiple language support to Sling TV’s international customers across its entire engagement solution.

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