Richard Smullen & Shira Rubinoff: Automation and Conversational Interfaces

By October 1, 2019 Technology

Shira Rubinoff

Hi This is Shira Rubinoff, I’m here at Pypestream with CEO of Pypestream, Richard Smullen – Richard great to see you again. Richard, let’s talk conversation interfaces and automation. How do they intersect and why is it important to have something that can do both as well as having security embedded as protocol?

Richard Smullen

Great question. We’re living in a world now, Shira, where consumers are in control of every business they’re in touch with, every service they use, and for businesses to be very personalized and to connect with consumers in a way they want to be connected with, those businesses have to adjust and respond to consumers differently. Automation is what enables that. So, automation is the idea that artificial intelligence, machine learning, interacts with the businesses backends, the customer relationship software, autotracking, maybe their care or troubleshooting issues, what products they have. And automation can now tailor an experience for that customer based on what the business knows about their customer. That can only be done in a conversational interface because it’s very much a fluid back and forth between the customer and the business. So, you can’t really have automation unless you have the conversational interface and having a conversational interface that doesn’t have an automated backend to it means consumers aren’t going to get what they’re looking for and that is a big challenge and gets solved for with an always-on platform like Pypestream’s; but their data is moving back and forth. So, if you can’t secure that data so that every single interaction, every single bit of information is safe and creates trust then the business and the consumer are going to fall out and you want it to be a win-win, which is why security is paramount.

Shira Rubinoff

Terrific, and it’s literally security across the platform from the get-go, which is amazing that you at Pypestream realized that had to be done. So, thank you again for your time, and we look forward to hearing more at Pypestream.


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