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Meet Your Customer Where She Lives

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Customer Engagement Automation on Messenger

Transformative & Scalable

  • Your customer
  • Productively engaged with your brand
  • No agents required
  • On Messenger, where they live
Transformative & Scalable

Use Cases, At Scale

Facebook Airline Usecase

Hospitable Customer Care: Automated

Anxious passengers naturally relax when conversing with your Customer Engagement Automation over Messenger.

eCommerce Facebook Usecase

Fit in your customer’s day: Automatically

Shopping through Messenger isn’t just on-line, it’s in-line with how your customer lives her day. Be there or be forgotten.

Receipt Facebook Usecase

Conversational Commerce: Automated

Don’t just converse with your customer through Messenger. Converse automatically, take orders and accept payment, all with no agents involved and high customer satisfaction generated.

Here Today

Here Today

  • AI Powered
  • Customer Engagement Automation
  • Rich Graphical UX
  • Agent Escalation
  • Analytic Feedback

Pick a Channel,
Any Channel

Run your customer engagement automation on every channel important to your customer. Pypestream’s Channel Connect makes it easy.


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