In-house expertise at no extra cost


Let us do all the heavy lifting

Pypestream’s solutions are tailor-made to meet each business’s unique set of needs, built by our own team of UX and technical experts in just weeks, no IT resources required.

The end-to-end process – known as PypePro – includes use case prioritization, customer user journey development, natural language understanding (NLU), connecting backend systems with API integrations, and deployment on multiple messaging channels. Pypestream offers continuous improvement, ideation, and optimization throughout the contract lifetime.

PypePro implementation
Phase 1: Scope

Ensure the selected use cases for automation will lead to substantial cost savings and NPS or CSAT growth. Define success metrics and align resources.

Phase 2: Create

Define user personas, conduct empathy mapping, train NLU, design flows, “conversationalize” content, switch on API integrations, prep live reps, configure dashboards, and communicate to consumers.

Phase 3: Deploy

Go-live and track conversational data through heat maps and free text analysis. Identify further opportunity areas for automation and release solutions to new customer segments.

Brilliant experience design

No more single-task chatbots. Apply design thinking to deploy personalized experiences and achieve the full potential of conversational AI.

Empathy Mapping
Empathy Mapping
User Personas
User Personas
User journeys
User Journeys
Customized Content Tone and Depth
Customized Content Tone and Depth
Optimized use cases

Optimized use case selection

Not all use cases are created equal. Coalesce business, service, and technical leaders in your enterprise around customer topics that will pay the highest dividends to automate.

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