Streamlining Agent Efficiency

Dive into the future of support with our latest innovation, Contact Center

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Simplifying Tasks for Contact Center Agents

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AI- Powered
Efficiency & Automation
Transform interactions effortlessly

Streamlined Conversations:
Automated handling rules for swift resolutions.

Smart Responses:
Pre-written responses and AI assistance.

Organized Interactions:
Seamless categorization and organization.

  • See 30% improvement in agent CSAT
  • Save 50% in overhead in the call center
Enhanced Interactions
& Analytics
Elevated support with advanced analytics

Team Collaboration:
Foster collaboration with internal notes, mentions, and specialized teams.

Analytics & Insights:
Comprehensive reports for agents, labels, channels, and teams.

Advanced Agent Features:
AI-powered virtual agents, voice messaging, video calls, and
screen sharing

Global Reach &

Future-Ready Solutions
The Contact Center of the future is here

Multilingual Support: Break language barriers with two-way auto-translate.

Future-Ready Integration: Seamlessly integrate with and analytics, CRM, or contact center platform.

Omni-Channel Support: Engage customers on various platforms - web, SMS, social media, email and more.

Level up your contact center operations with Contact Center:

ROI within 1 year
Average CSAT
Reduction in costs

See how WB Berkely maximizes the performance of every customer interaction with Contact Center

“Pypestream has elevated our contact center. It's like having an always-on agent; personalizing messages at a scale that would be impossible otherwise.”

Christina Customer
With a Fancy Job Title
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