Secure Enterprise Grade Platform

Secure and compliant by design

All communication is protected with encryption to uphold strict brand and regulatory guidelines. All customer data remains the property of the enterprise.


All traffic in transit including between nodes within the platform is encrypted with TLS v1.2 using Forward Secrecy (ephemeral Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman).  All customer data at-rest using AES-256.

Data Encryption
Leverage the latest in Design Thinking to solve end-user pain points. Fail-fast through prototypes and testing and go live with proven usability.

Secure Authentication
Authentication tokens are distributed during registration and login using OAuth protocol to further enhance authentication security.

Bot Runtime Security
Security and privacy across all communication.

In addition to predefined private information such as credit card numbers, the system provides tools (regular expressions) for customers to specify their own custom sensitive information

Tested and Documented Compliance

Robust infrastructure

Our platform is built with Erlang to support the demands of enterprise communication. This means the platform can support massive user growth and scale efficiently while eliminating the risk of platform downtimes.

Asynchronous: messages are updated in real time
Fault tolerance: full support for user isolation and rapid system recovery
Vertical scalability: optimized to extract most out of local resources
High concurrency: each node supports tens of thousands of parallel processes

Natural Language Understanding

Pypestream’s NLU engine uses advanced algorithms to understand user intent. Our patented approach of using multiple classifier engines dramatically increases the intent recognition success rates. We help our customers pick the right classifier that works best for the specific use case and industry.


Retrieve or update data from customer systems through a variety of existing customer APIs (e.g. REST or SOAP) to allow for rich conversations, bill payment, account lookup and more.

Transformation Layer

Allows enterprises to build one robot and deploy it across all channels to provide a consistent experience.

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