Seamless hand-off to live agents

Augment your agents with AI-driven conversational AI. Our out-of-the box integrations with the leading agent desktop solutions will eliminate the need to re-train your agents.

Seamless handoff to live agents

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Pype Manager: Live Agent Management

Pype Manager is the enterprise-facing console for live agents, administrators and supervisors to manage and monitor messaging interactions.

Analytics and reporting

Measure performance and quality of customer interactions through real-time analytics

Skills-based automated conversation routing

Allows automated conversations to be escalated to agents with the right skill set to drive customer resolution quickly

Agent-to-agent transfer

Empower agents to transfer calls to other agents to help customers resolve issues

Pull data from CRM

Pull information from existing systems to inform messaging interactions

Take your customer support to a new level with Salesforce Live Agent

Integrate Pypestream’s conversational AI with Salesforce Service Cloud and deliver always-on support at scale.

Reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction

Using Pypestream’s secured platform, customer inquiries are first handled by automation, smart messaging, chatbots and AI, then upleveled to a live agent only if needed.

Connect your automated conversations to Service Cloud

Add messaging to your omni channel strategy in minutes. Transfer all chat history to your live agent and automatically open a new case.

Seamless Transition Between Pypestream and Salesforce

All primary Salesforce Live Agent features continue to work as per normal, allowing customer service live agents to continue to use the Live Agent system if preferred

Increases productivity

Live agents will now start a chat with the full context of a customer’s issue when it is transitioned from the automated conversation

Simple, five minute integration:

  1. Live Agent API Endpoint
  2. Organization ID
  3. Deployment ID
  4. Button ID

Integration is done.

3rd party live agents

The Pypestream platform is built to easily integrate with modern live agent vendors that use REST APIs. This allows you to integrate Pypestream without uprooting your current system or retraining agents, while getting benefits of on-demand and automation

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