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High performance across every channel

Pypestream Mobile App

The Pypestream mobile app provides a robust messaging carrier for enterprise businesses. The app is available for download on iOS and Android, and features file storage, payments, broadcast, encryption, chatbot integrations, and more.

End-to-end encryption

All messages remain private between you and your customers. No customer data is stored on Pypestream’s servers or sold onto 3rd-party vendors for advertising.

Secure File Storage

All documents, images, and videos are automatically encrypted and stored in the secure filing cabinet for rapid reference.

Broadcast and 1:1 chat

Send messages to your entire connected audience and engage in 1:1 chat for personalized service and interactions.

Pypestream mobile app lets you reach your customers, wherever they are

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Enable messaging within your app

Use our SDK to integrate secure, Pypestream-powered messaging into your own branded app. SDK integration provides all the functional capabilities and benefits available on the Pypestream mobile app, such as payments, multimedia, security, message broadcast.

Web messaging widget

Engage in messaging conversations with website visitors across mobile and desktop using the Pypestream web widget.

Easy Deployment

The web widget requires no hosting or additional development to deploy.

Whitelisted Domains

You can specify the domains where you want the web chat to appear. Domains are easily configured, added and removed.

Customizable Layout

The web messaging widget features a fully customizable layout that’s accessible through a simple configuration tool within Pype Manager.

Message with website visitors across mobile and desktop using the Pypestream web widget

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Social messaging apps and web chat

Empower your audience on social media by deploying Pypestream bots on third-party chat apps such as Facebook Messenger and SMS to provide an always-on, real-time connection to your business.

Automatic UI Conversion

PypeBot UI elements and embeds are automatically converted to match the UI of the host platform.

Seamless Implementation

Bot deployments require no additional programming, allowing you to build once and deploy anywhere.


PypeBots operate with the same high-level functionality no matter what platform or channel they’re deployed on.

Enable MESSAGING OVER the Internet of Things

Enable text-based commands across a range of devices including Pepper, Alexa, and Google Home.

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