The Smart Messaging Platform

On-demand messaging experiences are now easier than ever

Patented Two-Way Messaging

Our Smart Messaging Platform uses a patented framework of Pypes and Streams to separate communication into topic-specific channels. This allows you to broadcast messages to a mass audience or engage in personalized, 1:1 interactions with individual customers. In addition, customers can proactively reach out to you anytime, anywhere through through direct messaging.

Enterprise GRade Features

Smart Messaging is purpose-built for the enterprise, featuring security, compliance, payments, multimedia support, powerful integrations, and automation capabilities.

Secure and compliant-by-design

Communication is protected with encryption to uphold strict brand and regulatory guidelines. All customer data remains the property of the enterprise.

Multimedia support

Send PDFs, images and videos to interact with customers in rich messaging experiences.

Secure file storage

Secure file storage on the Pypestream app ensures everything you send remains easily accessible for customers.

Back-end integrations

Pull customer data into the Pypestream platform through your existing CMS and CRM systems using powerful API integrations.

Transactional utility

Allow customers to schedule appointments, submit claims, process payments, and more, all without leaving the messaging stream.

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Robust erlang infrastructure

Our platform is built with Erlang to support the demands of enterprise communication. This means the platform can support massive user growth and scale efficiently while eliminating the risk of platform downtimes.

Asynchronous: messages are updated in real time.

Fault tolerance: full support for isolated processes and selective re-starts.

Vertical scalability: optimized to extract most out of local resources.

High concurrency: each node supports tens of thousands of parallel processes.

Pype Manager: Live Agent Management

Pype Manager is the enterprise-facing console for live agents, administrators and supervisors to manage and monitor messaging interactions.

Analytics and reporting

Help managers gauge quality of customer interactions

Secure messaging

Encrypted data in transit and data at rest

Skills-based chat routing

Assign agents based on expertise or language

Integrate with agent systems

Pull information from existing systems to inform messaging interactions

Enterprise Control

Pype Manager lets you manage your customers in one place, increasing productivity while reducing costs

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