Intelligent Enterprise Automation

Provide on-demand access to your business with pragmatic AI and chatbots

Streamline your business

Automate business processes across the enterprise and realize the power of pragmatic artificial intelligence to streamline marketing, billing and customer service interactions.

The Pragmatic AI Journey

Our pragmatic approach to AI is broken down into 3 phases. The level of automation is increased with each new phase until machine learning drives business process automation across the enterprise.


Automate repetitive processes

Phase 1 automates repetitive processes, including frequently asked questions, technical support, recurring payments, appointment scheduling, and marketing campaigns. Natural Language Processing (NLP) guides users through the conversation.


Add cognitive services

Learn from actual user behavior and use analytics to tweak AI for performance improvements and widen the capability of NLP. More advanced cognitive services are added to cover language translation, image and video processing, etc.


Building the framework for machine learning

Leveraging a combination of more advanced cognitive services and acquired data, the AI-powered bots recommend changes in existing processes and NLP is optimized further.

Leverage the power of pragmatic AI to execute core business processes, automate customer inquiries and increase efficiency across the organization with measurable results and a clear ROI.

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Enterprise Bot Studio

Build PypeBots in the bot studio and deploy across every channel. PypeBots guide customers through intuitive flows for a seamless experience.

Understand intent

Provide options based on business rules

Guide to resolution (API call)

Payment process (transaction)

Resolution and satisfaction survey

Enterprise utility

In-message payments, appointment scheduling and secure file transfer provide the required utility for effective enterprise communication.

Targeted outbound marketing

Broadcast multimedia content to all connected users or engage individual customers directly with personalized content offers.

Automated customer service

Resolve the 80% of repetitive customer inquiries and never let your customers wait on hold again.

Cross-platform compatibility

Build bots for Pypestream and deploy across multiple channels including mobile apps, websites, and third-party messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger.

Integrate with existing back-end systems using APIs

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Seamless handoff to live agents

Live agents work in combination with chatbots to ensure a complete customer experience. Bots transition to live agents when issues can’t be resolved, or if the customer requests additional assistance. All communication is managed through the Pype Manager Dashboard, allowing agents or supervisors to take over the conversation from bots at any point.

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