The world’s largest CPG company boosts sales with customer automation

With Pypestream, personal care brands like Gillette, Oral B, and Braun have increased customer engagement and online DTC sales through personal care automation.

Customers with personalized suggestions buy more

Using Pypestream’s conversational AI, our customers give personalized recommendations to online customers to dramatically increase engagement and sales.

For example, Gillette has created a fully transactional digital assistant named GIL, to handle everything from order management to product recommendations, subscriptions, promotions and FAQs. Gillette has made it much easier for its customers and those considering switching to Gillette to have meaningful and valuable interactions directly.


increase in Gillette subscriptions 
from product recommendations

more Braun purchases through using Pypestream over existing channels


increase in Oral-B purchases after viewing product recommendations

The path to becoming a fully automated personal care brand

Step 1

Identify pain points 
and personas of personal care customers

Pypestream first sought to understand where each brand’s customers struggled within the shopping cycle using empathy mapping.

From this information, we built a customer persona and began the process of planning out the most efficient and effective solution for personal care automation.

Personal Care Persona
Personal Care Intent Library

Step 2

Prioritize use cases that would deliver the best ROI

First, Pypestream built a recommendation engine and retail locator to guide customers through complex product lines and find nearby stores. Next, a use case was added for managing accountst and subscriptions.

With its Personal Care Automation Layer, Pypestream then quickly connected several third-party integrations like BigCommerce, PriceSpider, BazaareVoice, and OrderGroove.

Finally, ContactCenterPro was integrated for seamless agent escalation to Salesforce.

Personal care use cases in action

Find a retailer near you

Find a retailer
near you

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation engine,
find products

Subscription and account management

Subscription and
account management

Step 3

Add advanced AI
to the mix

Working with the brand’s customer experience rep, we built an extensive list of common questions customers ask, known as an intent library

Then we integrated Dovetail AI, Pypestream’s human-understanding engine powering Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand every customer’s tone and sentiment in chat.

Personal Care Dovetail
Personal Care Analytics

Step 4

Optimize automation
with analytics

Post-launch, Pypestream tracked their performance through advanced analytics using traversal heat map analysis, topic modeling, and metadata dashboards.

With this information, we were able to make improvements, expand upon the existing use cases, and optimize the solution for better results.

Step 5

Watch engagement and sales go up

Within just weeks of going live, each brand started to see results. While Gillette had a 15% increase in razor subscriptions, Oral B and Braun enjoyed a boost in product sales through recommendations.

And as we optimized the customer buying journey, completion and purchase rates shot up, and abandonment rates went down.

Engagement and Sales graph

Step 6

Expand internationally and adapt to customers

With all of these brands, we’ve deployed the Pypestream solution across North America and Europe’s regions and languages.

Pypestream continues to build innovative use cases that match each brand’s personal care customers’ demands, and our experienced experts are persistently improving every solution.

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