Instagram messaging with Pypestream

Connect to your Instagram followers with Pypestream

Pypestream offers Messenger API support for Instagram, which enables us to launch our customers’ current solutions on the Instagram Platform. Pypestream was chosen as an early partner, and we are among the first to offer this technology to enterprise customers.

Messenger API support for Instagram
Pypestream for Instagram Messaging

What is Messenger API support for Instagram?

With the launch of Messenger API support for Instagram, the millions of consumers that interact with or follow the Instagram pages of Pypestream’s clients can now message with these brands directly, converting consumer interest into direct sales. In an era in which customer service is increasingly becoming a competitive differentiator, Pypestream’s clients can offer an enhanced customer experience with greater flexibility by leveraging this unique capability. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, and enabling easy messaging between Instagram users and the brand itself can strengthen brand loyalty and gain new customers.

The omnichannel experience

Instagram messaging is joining the growing roster of channels Pypestream supports. We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunity to connect with your customers. That’s why we’ve built a transformation layer that will adapt the design of your current Pypestream experience to Instagram Messaging.


We are delighted that Pypestream is launching support for messaging on Instagram. The Messenger API for Instagram is now available for all developers who make it possible for brands to improve and enhance messaging experiences with customers. By integrating the Messenger API for Instagram, businesses and developers can effectively scale messaging workflows to better own the customer experience and build more authentic relationships.

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VP of Platform Partnerships at Messenger

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