Loop Media drives existing user growth and retention with Pypestream

Loop partnered with Pypestream to support automation for their customers, but now they are doing even more.

Continuous improvement starts at the contact center 

By focusing on automating customer support, Loop was able to expand thier use cases with Pypestream into revenue driving and operational processes. 


containment rate with automated sessions

new device sales via Pypestream


average CSAT score with Pypestream's solution


We believe partnering with Pypestream to deliver a better customer experience for our rapidly growing screen footprint using their proprietary technology, gives Loop Media the AI edge on our competition.

Liam McCallum
Chief Product & Technical Officer, Loop Media

Loop Media + Pypestream a

partnership with the future in mind

How it started:

Automating customer support

Using a Design Thinking model, Pypestream’s certified team of experts first sought to understand Loop Media’s business needs, customer behavior and overall support needs especially when faced when interacting with Loop Media’s contact center.

Pypestream then created a customer persona and tailored a solution perfect for their needs.

User pain points
Streaming intents

What happened next:

Prioritize use cases
and automation

The Pypestream team then determined which use cases would drive the most value and implemented them in a few weeks. Use cases included: 

  • Automating the order process of Loop TV media players
  • Streamlining the activation process
  • Supporting troubleshooting access and device issues
  • A chat solution via Facebook Messenger to support a large user base on Facebook

LoopTV’s Digital Assistant Use Cases

Update account information

Streamlining Activation Process

Find packages

FAQ Library


Channel Recommendations

Analytics dashboards

Continously improving

Optimize automation
with analytics

After Loop’s solution went live, Pypestream tracked its performance through advanced analytics using heat map analysis, topic modeling, and metadata dashboards.

These reports enabled Pypestream engineers to understand how the solution was performing and continually optimize it for better results.

Backed by AWS

Pypestream + AWS

Pypestream and AWS are better together as they complement each other’s strengths and capabilities, resulting in a more powerful and efficient solution for customers. Pypestream’s self-service automation platform leverages AWS’s secure, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure to provide exceptional customer service on any channel, anytime.

The integration of Pypestream with AWS services like Amazon Connect, AWS Translate, Amazon LEX, and many more, enables real-time communication, data storage, analysis, and streamlined workflows.

The combination of Pypestream’s advanced customer engagement features and AWS’s flexible and robust cloud capabilities provides businesses with a comprehensive solution that enhances customer experiences and drives business outcomes.


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