Call Deflection with IVR-to-Messaging

Free consumers
from phone trees

Only 3% of consumers like using an IVR. Yet, many have gotten used to calling customer service because, for a long time, that was the only way to get help. Now businesses can meet customers where they previously encouraged them to go, and offer a seamless journey to transfer them to their preferred channel: messaging.

IVR diagram

The IVR-to-
Messaging Journey

Pypestream customers have seen a 300%+ increase in messaging volume by implementing an IVR integration. Upon activation, consumers will be presented with an option to press a number and receive an SMS with a deep link to secure AI messaging.

Best Practices

Provide the user with the option to message as soon as possible within the IVR flow
Provide a brief summary of support topics available via messaging (if not all topics)
Confirm validity of the mobile number prior to sending an SMS to the user
Inform the user that the IVR will hang up automatically once the SMS is received
Confirm the SMS has been received by the user
Determine scenarios when the messaging option should be provided (e.g., mobile phone users only, current hold time > X minutes, etc.)
Do not pass any PII/SPI data within the SMS (message content, unique URL, auth-related metadata) due to lack of encryption
Include standard language within the SMS including “Message and data rates may apply”

Easily configured with existing IVR systems

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