Patient experience automation for healthcare

Drive health outcomes and business efficiencies
while strengthening relationships

Bring “the art of the
possible” to life

Because every engagement counts

Sample use cases: Medication monitoring, proactive appointment alerts, sharing lab results, keeping patients up to date on their condition, live doctor/patient conversations, care navigation, plan information, finding providers, Medicaid coverage, pharmacy information, wellness advice, medical device questions, ordering medical supplies, scheduling appointments, refilling medications, medication orders, health tracking, Medicare coverage
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Sample use case automation
healthcare flow

conversation designs

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging Pypestream’s library of pre-built conversation designs for healthcare use cases. Our “conversationalized” content, flow architecture, and embedded UX features make for the very best customer journeys, from refilling medications to scheduling appointments.

“We serve over one million phone calls a month. The ability to automate that and make it self-service so that the person can do it whenever it works for them, and not when it works for you, is a pretty remarkable concept.”

David McIntyre
President & CEO
TriWest Healthcare Alliance
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user intents healthcare

AI training data
for healthcare

Does your company lack historical conversation logs for AI training? No problem. Pypestream brings extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Work with us to tap into a wide array of utterance data sets for the most common intents.

Pre-built intents serve as a great starting point; you can further increase each intent’s accuracy by adding more utterances based on actual production data.

MedCall Advisors
automation example

We’re proud to partner with MedCall Advisors as they use Pypestream’s conversational AI to power real-time COVID-19 screening and immediate connections to emergency physicians.

Berkely Medcall
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Sample use case automation