Google’s Business Messages with Pypestream

Reach further
with Pypestream

Pypestream is part of Google’s program for Business Messages which enables us to learn and build with the technology, influence the roadmap and standards, and be among the first to offer our customers this messaging experience through Google Search and Maps.

Google Business Messages

What is Google’s
Business Messages?

When customers locate a company on Google, they can be presented with a “Message” icon. This is helping early adopters of Google’s Business Messages deflect calls and emails by offering an always-on channel using Pypestream’s AI and automation. Business Messages helps brands delight their customers with conversational messaging experiences that enhance customer care. Rich features let businesses expand the conversation to drive purchasing, scheduling, upsell, and loyalty.

The omnichannel experience

We don’t want you to miss out on any opportunity to connect with your customers. That’s why we’ve built a transformation layer that will adapt the design of your current Pypestream experience to Google’s Business Messages.


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