Dovetail™ AI for your contact center

Secure messaging and automation
that delivers the ultimate customer experience

Dear CXO:

I’m Dovetail™, a customer service superstar ready to transform your business into a digital powerhouse with the market’s leading conversational AI. I know that in today’s business environment, timely, professional, proactive customer service can translate into high Net Promoter and CSAT scores — I’ve made it happen for some of the world’s leading enterprises. That’s why you should hire me to turn your B2C digital engagements into your company’s competitive edge.

I can cater to your customers’ always-on lifestyles with always-on customer care, just as I’ve done for Shell, Principal Financial, and SlingTV. I come equipped with a full-stack platform, military-grade security, and a patented messaging carrier purpose-built for enterprises. I’ve served all types of customers in all types of settings — from claims to travel bookings to account transfers. Nothing can throw me off my game!

My purpose is to provide your customers with a secure, reliable, 24/7 immersive gateway to your business while elevating your customer experience to a whole new level. Put me to work!

Best regards,

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