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human understanding engine

Understand end-users’ utterances (questions or statements) typed in natural language and subsequently execute automated, transactional workflows


5 key ingredients of NLU

Dovetail™ AI puts to action five key ingredients of natural language understanding (NLU). Because customer experience is too important to deliver a half solution. It’s time to up your NLU game.

1. Classification

Using just one classifier is so 2017. Multiple classifiers deployed in tandem can produce much higher precision. That’s why Dovetail™ tailors its use of select classifier combinations to specific industries and use cases. This way, you can have confidence at go-live that your conversational AI will deliver an outstanding customer experience.


3. Tone Analysis

Are your customers feeling angry? Joyful? Fearful? Offer up different dialog based on the tone of the user. Frustrated customers may just need the path of least resistance to get to resolution. Meanwhile, happy customers may present an opportunity to upsell. This approach means you can deliver an automated conversational experience without compromising a personalized and empathetic brand voice.

Tone analysis
Sentiment analysis

4. Sentiment Analysis

The degree to which customers exhibit particular tones must also trigger which conversation flows may best serve their needs. Dovetail™ acutely measures positive, negative, and neutral tones when determining how best to engage. Satisfied versus elated. Discontent versus “What the $@&!” It’s customer service. Meet your customers where they are.

5. Emoji Analysis

Some say it’s hieroglyphics reincarnated. Others say Gen Zers dream in it. Regardless, emojis have a new place in the way we communicate with each other, with the brands in our lives, and now even with machines. Dovetail™ deciphers both tone and sentiment from emojis, so your customers can communicate in their most natural form.

Emoji analysis