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Conviva & Pypestream

Pypestream’s conversational AI now integrates with Conviva’s analytics solutions
to offer a whole new level of care for online video viewers

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Conviva use case

Conversational AI with streaming analytics

Proactive care

When a viewer experiences a streaming issue, Conviva triggers Pypestream to send a notification to the viewer. No more calls or emails to the call center. Pypestream’s conversational AI can help the viewer troubleshoot the issue through the power of automation.

Rapid troubleshooting

Viewers can now contact OTT providers via always-on messaging by Pypestream. When a viewer inquires about a streaming issue, Pypestream will automatically pull Conviva data and provide real-time assistance. No more depending on agents to lookup streaming performance. Pypestream’s conversational AI will do the work.

user intents streaming & wireless

AI training data
for streaming & wireless

Does your company lack historical conversation logs for AI training? No problem. Pypestream brings extensive experience in the streaming and wireless industry. Work with us to tap into a wide array of utterance data sets for the most common intents.

Pre-built intents serve as a great starting point; you can further increase each intent’s accuracy by adding more utterances based on actual production data.

conversation designs

Accelerate your time to value by leveraging Pypestream’s library of pre-built conversation designs for telecom use cases. Our “conversationalized” content, flow architecture, and embedded UX features make for the very best customer journeys, from subscription changes to technical troubleshooting to account management.

Streaming & wireless flows

By implementing Pypestream, we have been able to support our customers at any time of the day. Pypestream has helped us improve the customer experience for all types of engagements with our customers, from service to retention.

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Seth Van Sickel
VP of Operations
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