The Value of Design Thinking

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Pypestream Digital Labs

Design thinking is human-centered at its core. The idea fundamentally recognizes that design should achieve purpose and business goals, not just beauty. This shift in approach is in large part a response to the increasing complexity of modern business and modern technology. But how do you implement design thinking into your business?


Capture the needs, frustrations, and expectations of customers and stakeholders


Make sense of information gathered and create a problem statement. Ask yourself questions like…

  • What difficulties and barriers are our customers coming up against?
  • What patterns exist?

Then, model, prototype, test, and repeat. This design iteration process is critical to effective design thinking

Tolerate failure

Leverage your failures and view them as part of the innovation process

So why does design thinking matter?

It forces you to rethink product offerings, provide greater value to customers, innovate to stay relevant, and grow markets.

How does your company use design thinking?


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