Principal Financial Delivers Ideal Care

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Customer Experience

Extremely High Containment + Extremely High Satisfaction

As a major provider of dental insurance, Principal Financial prides itself on outstanding customer care for claimants and dental providers alike. They do this at scale, handling up to a million customer care interactions per year.

In a newly published video interview, Angie Johnson, AVP for Group Operations with Principal U.S. Insurance Solutions, speaks about how they have taken customer care to the next level by deploying a Pype, the next-gen Digital Assistant from Pypestream.

She speaks about their impressive metrics, including a near 90% containment rate within self-service engagements, coupled with an 88% satisfaction rate. That combination means that claimants and providers alike are consistently completing their customer care goals within the Pype, and are highly satisfied with the experience. In short, that is the ideal result for a customer care operation.

Angie covers all of this and more in her interview, which lays out in clear terms and in detail how to use conversational AI and next-gen digital assistants to deliver ideal care in 2021 and beyond.

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